We grab packaged food off store shelves packed in plastic. The inescapable pervasiveness of processed food has not only created a disconnect for us but also impacted our health, the planet’s health and our ability to eat mindfully. Studies have revealed that 60% of the calories are from highly processed food products. We all know that the processed foods are no good for our health but have you thought about how they impact our relationship with what we eat? Imagine what all could change for you if you practiced the mindfulness skills we practice in yoga to the dinner table or the grocery store. Most unwanted food habits are built unconsciously. The times we are truly present and aware, we avoid overeating, processed and unethically sourced foods. As we are more attentive towards what we eat, we inevitably increase our health and the health of our environment. Yoga reveals the power of awareness. Yoga asks us to slow down to observe. Awareness can cure. Consciousness connects us to our inner knowing. Eating with awareness (or eating mindfully), not only impacts what and how we eat but how we ingest. Read about yoga loving plants. Not many of us know the connection between the nervous system and digestive system. When we are relaxed and in a mindful state, we turn on our rest and digestive state. Only in this state the body appropriately and efficiently pulls nutrients from the food we intake. When we eat in a rush or in a state of stress because, we say we are reading emails or completing an assignment, our blood moves away from the digestive tract. How will the body focus on digestion when it believes it is in a stressful situation? Believe me that our nervous system is like a light switch; one cannot be both mindful and stressed at once.

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